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At Haus of Conservation we cherish each and every one of you. Whether you support one of our events, come and see the shows, do some yoga with us or simply just view our online content, we applaud you and think of you as a part of our Haus, in fact its YOU that make the Haus of Conservation. Remember you are all individuals of hope and positive change and our message is as only as strong as the people that carry it into the future...

At Haus of Conservation we have a hand gesture to spread conservation and natural life energy awareness  around the world. We urge you join in our compassion campaign and upload to social media using  #hausofconservation and make sure you tag us to so we can share to our wider community. REMEMBER we do not agree with animal selfies so make sure it’s just you who is the star in your #hausofconservation photo or video. Left hand up, right hand down.

Compassion Campaign


These are just a few of the amazing people that have helped spread our compassion campaign around the world from: England, New York, LA, Switzerland, Australia, Maldives, Thailand, Hong Kong, Ibiza, Copenhagen, Italy, Bali and so many more countries. We applaud you!

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Be kind to: animals, the planet, one another and yourself...

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