Yoga for Conservation - Breathe in life, give back to wildlife...

Haus of Conservation Yoga: fluid strengthening movements combined with mindfulness to help people relate to animals and the environment. Every pose, movement or meditation is based upon the energy of a specific animal or nature itself.  By doing your daily HocYoga practice, you will promote better personal wellbeing - physically, mentally & emotionally; whilst freeing your mind and body to go through your day with heightened awareness of wildlife and nature around you to promote more mindful living.


As a yoga teacher and avid yogi Mark Lee Davies - founder of Haus of Conservation, learnt early on that yoga is about conservation of the self, union of the mind and body and connection to prana/chi. Many of the yoga poses are based on or named after animals, so it felt only natural for Mark to join his love of yoga and conservation together in a bid to bring conservation to life in a different form.


Mark believes that through the physical embodiment of an animal’s primal movements we can connect directly to their energy; holding that in our thoughts enabling us to relate to them and the wild.


Mark Lee Davies: "Let’s not just talk about conservation, together let’s feel, embody, act, and believe in its importance, because after all we all want to be wild and free".


Just like starting any new form of exercise we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor or physician before beginning any new exercise program. All new participants should check to make sure they are in good physical condition and have a good level of health before starting HocYoga.

Head over to the Haus of Conservation YouTube channel or Facebook page for the Haus of Conservation Yoga videos and keep a look out for the next HocYoga workshop... Alternatively if you would like to host a HocYoga workshop please contact us.

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Be kind to: animals, the planet, one another and yourself...